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I am a 40-something SAHM to four kids: my daughter Trout, age 12; son Little Man, age 10; Sunny, age 7; and my baby Nemo (hush, he's still my baby), who was born in November 2006. I am married to BigDaddyFish, a computer programmer with a typical ridiculous DC area commute. We live in the DC burbs. My house is always a mess, I have no time to pay attention, and I spend all day in the car. I blog when I get around to it, usually when a crisis hits, you know, to help me process it. Which lately seems like every week. I like food and hate exercise but try to keep them in check anyway - all thinks in moderation, even, or especially, naughty things.


Motherhood, reading, writing, rubber stamping, pregnancy, heart disease, breast cancer, large families, breastfeeding, depression, blogs