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August 01, 2006


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hi...I'm delurking here because I stop by from time to time, but I just had to comment--I KNOW! I don't know what that man was thinking. I saw a documentary on this case on tv a while ago and was shocked at the dad's ignorance...he had plenty of clear-cut signals (including direct instructions from licensed physicians) that the mom was in deep trouble BEFORE the last child. Women aren't meant to have children until they drop...if they don't believe in birth control, perhaps they should stop having sex! I also couldn't get the image out of my mind that this man was turned on by this poor woman in such distress and continued to go about his merry way...I have faith too, but I don't push someone off a cliff and then pray to God to save them! From the description of her life I can't imagine living the way they were living and then having five children on top of it, AND THEN postpartum psychosis?! The whole story is awful and she did what she did, but her husband should have a lot to answer for.


Bravo! Bravo! I think we step on a very slippery slope when we vilify one single person in a very complex situation. Especially when that person has a disease of the brain that makes decison making difficult if not impossible. When someone is sick, especially in this way, their family and friends have a responsiblity to make sure everyone is safe. I agree with you that Mr. Yates ignored many of the warning signs. He may have been busy, he may have been in denial, but he cannot say that he had not been informed. While he did not actively harm those children, his neglect of the situation, in my opinion, makes him culpable too. I just hope that this case brings this problem and the need individuals to attend to the problem to the attention of those going through it.

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