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October 23, 2006


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Just had to say I always enjoy reading your blog (it has become an ALMOST daily check-in these days) and you inspire me to give BF a really GOOD try. I've tried & had issues with all three of my kiddos that have made me give up MUCH TOO SOON (about 6 wks with each) in the past. I already plan to BF again, but this time will be more stubborn (something I usually am not, LOL) when sticking with it thanks to your insights. THANKS :)


I'm totally in the middle. I breastfesd both of my kids but I also supplemented with formula once b/f was established. I always feel like I have to explain that I really needed some sleep and I wasn't able to pump very much. Formula was the best way for my husband to feed the baby so I could get more than an hour of sleep at a time. I'm one of those people that gets kind of psycho when sleep deprived so it was what worked for us. All the rest of the time, I had a baby attached to my boob and nobody died or was irreparably harmed by doing it that way.

Great post :)


But at the same time, as a formula feeding mom, I did get alot of fun little ads for nursing bras, breast pumps, the like. Theyre also going to send you the diapers, and you know, not everyone uses those, some people use cloth. Its all a bunch of hot button issues and they have the market cornered on it, and theyve got you on their mailing list. I just threw stuff away, or gave it to someone who would use it, no biggie for me.

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