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October 01, 2006


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Uncle Orca

Hey I have a baby raptor in a styrofoam cooler, can I bring that over? :-)


In one of my off-campus houses during college (St. Mary's, if you're wondering, in southern MD) we had a resident copperhead that lived in the coal cellar, near the water heater. I made a point of never going down there. It was less fun for our friend who came with his uncle's HVAC company to fix our boiler... he later came up and said his job was to hold his flashlight on the snake and make sure it didn't move.

This is why I am always happy to see black snakes around. Black snakes are good. Black snakes are the enemy of copperheads, and anywhere you see a black snake, there will be no copperheads.

Maybe you should get your in-laws a black snake for Christmas. Sounds like they'd love it!



You are giving me the creeps.

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