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December 05, 2006


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Hoooolllly. Helll!

Glad to hear they are "up where they belong" :)


You've got me topped, but just barely. At my lactating largest, I was a 36H... but then again, I am a lofty 5'2", so if we're comparing things proportionately you definitely win.

The nice thing is that now that I'm back down to my normal 34DD, I feel positively petite and perky.

And I can highly recommend the Dorne Corset Shoppe in Silver Spring for any readers in southern MoCo or DC....

I'm glad you're getting the support you need!


i can sympathize. with my first i was an E cup. number 2 brought an alarming G cup. i was horrified to find there existed an I cup with my 3rd. and last, thank god, because at the rate i was going my girls would have taken over the world if there had been a #4!

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