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January 11, 2007


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Her Bad Mother

Why? Because the gods need their entertainment. Welcome to the zoo.

Uncle Orca

1)they are colorful and plastic

2)because you're MOMMY.

3)see #2

4)see #2

5)see #2

6)because you don't sit them to eat at the table away from the tv and toys and such. (we're being honest, right?)


8)HAZMAT suit.

:-) I miss them. When I get the van back I may descend on you and kidnap them for ice cream.


Actually, they HAVE been eating at the table and the tv has been off - part of my whole Revolution thing. Trout has a knack for creating ways to be know, by things like, air.

Van is gone again? Beginning to think it's a big, blue lemon....

Uncle Orca

viva la revolution!

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