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January 15, 2007


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i'm not a pharmacist, but i am a certified pharmacy tech. i have worked in the pahrmacy for 12 years. i have never heard of a pharmacist refusing to make a compound for a patient. i would try to find a number for the corporate offices and call in a complaint. there is no reason for that at all.
basically when we make a prilosec liquid we open the caps and put the contents (tiny little balls) into the specified base liquid. however, these balls do not dissolve, and they tend to be heavier than the base, thus the need to shake very well. also if you are using a syringe to dispense to nemo try to be sure he gets plenty of the balls and not just the liquid base. it can be tricky if he's a squirmy guy. sound like he's feeling better, so you've probably been doing that already.
i do not work at target and don't really want to defend them but i do have to mention that the whole stupid sudafed thing is now federally mandated. it's not just target. apparently somebody in govt. thinks that all us moms are clearly the primary source of meth these days.


It's refreshing to here the story about your pediatrician FishyGirl. I haven't had the best experience which the medical system in this country (a whole 'nother blog I know!) but it's nice to know that there are still some genuine, caring individuals who have made medicine their profession and been able to keep their patients best interests at heart.


Grrr to the Target.

They also allow the pharmacy to refuse to fill certain prescriptions (such as the morning after pill).

I refuse to use them in spite of their lovely bottles.

Her Bad Mother

Sounds like a great doctor.

And, we have the same husband. Tho' his tastes run to knocking down walls and renovating bathrooms... which means that we've been missing a wall in our upstairs batroom since, um, JUNE.

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