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February 22, 2007


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Sarah's Dandelions

I can completely and totally understand how you are feeling... I too am terrified that what I am feeling is postpartum depression. I'm just SO tired and overwhelmed. I have 4 boys - 8,4,3 and 5 months. And my 5 month old only poops every three days or so (and BOY is it a MESS!!!) - the doctor said it's normal for breast fed babies. I don't know - all my other babies pooped like normal. Anyway, all that to say - your not alone!!


SOOOO not alone!!


Ok, there missy.

I wouldn't judge your house, I listen to 80's music and love The Clash, you would NEVER have to censor your language around me, and I wouldn't judge your Catholicism, and OMG, do I have complex feelings about everything and I feel like a complete idiot about being a mother sometimes.

You should know that about me.


I'm so happy you came to my blog because now I can come and read your blog rather than vacuum. Or mop. Or match socks.



I just popped over here from Mel's, so I don't know where you live, but here in Michigan we've decided it's lack of sunlight! I don't know, maybe it's just February, too. Every woman I know in real life and nearly every woman blogger I read (at least those who will admit it) all are feeling the same way right now!


Right. Pooping every 3-4 days is normal. Look on it as a blessing. Order or chaos? Chaos any time. Forget one day at a time, and go for one minute at a time. Hormones up the creek? Oh yes, but they will settle down. I wish I had had a blog to write my head splitting feelings and fears and moans on when I was where you are now. I would have posted just exactly what you have said. And you know what? My kids are grown, happy and healthy and they do not think their mother was a failure. I had visions of disaster. It did not happen. You are NORMAL. I will be back.


I just found your blog and can completely relate to your post. This could have been me last year at this time, when my baby was about four months old. She is my fourth, and I had never felt so down with the others. Anyway, I, too suspected I had post-partum depression, but was afraid to really do anything about it. I knew in by brain all these things you can do to help with depression (exercise, eat right, get enough sleep, etc.) but where the hell could I find the energy to actually do them?! Thankfully, my depression eased after several months, but I won't say it wasn't a hard time. I can relate to so much you wrote, about needing someone to swap babysitting with, someone to just have a drink with...You are not alone, lady! Wish I lived in your area, and I'd set up a big ass playdate with all eight kids and a big pitcher of margaritas for us. My heart is with you.

Uncle Orca

You're a lot better at it than you think. Take it from me. :-)


I'm sorry you are so down right now - you know I am here to listen, stamp, drink, and/or kvetch (sp?) even though I am your before-your-kids, childless, nearly husbandless, too-far-away friend. :-/

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