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March 21, 2007


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Redneck Mommy

The last time I flew I was FIVE. I am now 31.

Should be interesting when I head to the airport for Chicago...

Good luck.


My daughter was just asking me about flying yesterday. I tried not to scare her (not that we have any plans to fly anywhere), but all that I could remember was the last stupid little plane I rode on. Horribly stormy morning, and still dark. I left permanant fingernail marks i my husbands hand. Seriously, they're still there 25 years later. Got to the ground (finally) and the grounds crew said "Gee, we thought you guys were gonners for sure!"


If you make it, I'm buying you a drink. Or twelve.

Mitch McDad

I fly alot. As I tell anyone that has a fear of flying....that's why God made narcotics. :)

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