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March 04, 2007


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You could come & borrow my husband...
We get mice in the winter too & he buys LIVE traps and.lets.the.mice.go! No kidding.

I wonder how many are coming right back in, only to be caught & let out into the woods, and coming back in & being caught and....well, you get the idea (sigh).

*(he is very allergic to cats too)*

Last night it was a little tiny cute one (I can say that right??) and I think he was seriously considering keeping the dang thing!! He looked at it for waaaaay too long and kept talking about how little & cute it was!?

Ahhh....gotta love my BIG, TOUGH, manly husband! :)

Redneck Mommy

I can't escape my mouse. It follows me everywhere. And I'm too big of a pansy to kill the little bastard, but don't get me wrong...I want it DEAD!!!!!

So, I am waiting for the hubs to come home, and kill the little critters for me. Until then, I live bleaching everything every damn day, and try to ignore the fact that Stuart Little likes my home.

I wish I had a cat.

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