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March 31, 2007


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Uncle Orca

Boy, ain't that the truth.

Janet a.k.a Wonder Mom

We used to do a 'butterfly theme' in school and the kids always got a kick out of the caterpillar turning into the butterfly...They always hated letting them go.


aw, what a wonderful post!
My son just got a butterfly garden. We'll be watching the same metamorphasis soon in our house!


How fabulous! I've never gotten to witness that metamorphosis. Instead, I have to read about it in Eric Carle books.


My daughter's favorite book is about a plain caterpillar named Percival. I've never actually thought about it too deeply, but now I'll have something to ponder when I'm reading it to her for the 57th time in a row this evening :)


We took the kids to a butterfly sanctuary last winter. It was pure magic to walk into these huge, hot rooms and see thousands of butterflies. They landed on us, flew right by and seemed to dance with each other.

I hadn't thought of this visit in a while. Thanks for reminded me.


We live on the edge of a park, and we've gone to the Monarch butterfly festival a couple of times. It's always so amazing and gratifying to see the newly hatched butterflies, as well as the wonder on your childrens' faces. Thanks for a great post and for hosting me this month, Meg.


Amazing stuff! It reminds me of the day I went to the Boston Museum of Science, and watched for the first time in my life, a chick making it's way out of it's shell and viewing the world for the very first time.

All of nineteen years old, and there I stood, bawling my friggin' eyes out!

Great and rebirth is just so very moving!


Beautiful words.


That is so sweet!
We have friends that did the butterfly from lava project and loved it.

A Elliot

That is so true!


I love the parallel! (And my boy was born just the day before on the 7th!)

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