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June 04, 2007


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dancing dragon

Hi Lara,

Really awesome story. Makes me think about how people communicate (or don't) what things mean to them, and how to try to read people. It's also nice that I can picture the face and voice of Dance Mentor Extraodinaire during the dialogue, and him walking you down the aisle.


Beautiful as always, Lara. I too lost my father at a young age and chose to walk myself down the aisle. I didn't feel like anyone had earned that place. I'm so glad you feel differently.


Lovely post. And I'm sorry about your loss.

Laura Lohr

Ahhh, what a sweet post Lara!

Mommy the Maid

Such a wonderful and heartfelt story. Thank you for sharing.

jenn in holland

What a great conclusion. I think we often 'hide' the deepest feelings inside and don't share with those to whom it would matter the most to see them. But good for you for seeing past that and knowing the things were deeply felt, if not shown.
Wonderful post.

Soccer Mom in Denial

I really don't know what to add, accept thanks.


That was a lovely post, and one I can really relate to.


Wow. Beautiful, beautifully sad story.


Lovely story, Lara, and great post.


thanks all for your supportive comments! :) and thanks to fishygirl for having me here!


A great story, Lara... really great.

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