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July 14, 2007


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How sweet of you!
I love things like that, I am sure you made her day :)

When we've had service like that, I've made sure to let the manager know too. Good people deserve that!


There are only a few restaurants at which we're regulars, and at every one, the reason we keep coming back is because the wait staff is always great with the boy, even when he's being rambunctious. (His "rambunctious" isn't at all bad, compared to some of the behavior I've seen at restaurants. He's just more, um, chipper sometimes than others.) Of course, we also insist on going to restaurants that serve food that we, the parents, like, and so we almost never go to the kind of chain restaurants that are aimed at families. Our favorites? Hinode, a Japanese restaurant in Bethesda, and Roha, a kinda hole-in-the-wall Ethiopian place on U Street. Both restaurants have great food and an incredibly friendly, kid-loving staff. I couldn't tell you which aspect is more important!

Redneck Mommy

I took my kiddies and my girl friends three kiddies to the local restaurant yesterday.

We were loud. No, make that, the girlfriend's three year old was very loud. The rest of the kiddies kept it together. Thankfully.

We tipped and we tipped well. If I could have, I would have offered apologies and tips to all the other patrons for putting up with us and not giving us the evil eye...


I like taking my kids out to locally owned family friendly places so they learn how to behave in public. But I always make sure to leave what I call "tip and damages." The bigger the mess we make, the more I leave.

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