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August 14, 2007


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Unfortunately, it's all too common. I've had my wallet stolen (from my work desk of all places - I got up to use the copy machine and when I returned, it was gone from my purse). And I've had someone try to use my credit card number at an online store. How it happens, even after you do everythng right is beyond me.

But I'm glad your financial institution took care of it for you. Just keep diligent watch and make sure nothing else suspicious crops up...


UGH...what a yuck couple of weeks! Have a safe trip & I'll be thinking of you over the weekend through your Grandfather's memorial service & all of the logisitic stuff that you still have to get through.

AND therapy issues? Oh my, do you need a break! I hope whatever it is that you need to deal with does not take too much out of you. As another Momma to four, I understand that most days I have nothing else to give/take, I'll pray for you!

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