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August 06, 2007


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I am trying to think of the right comment and words fail me. Just that I hear you and I know how very fortunate I am.


While I do not even pretend to truly understand your pain, I wanted to share with you a bit of my story.

My mother was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer when I was 8 months pregnant with my daughter. And while she has far surpassed the 8 month diagnosis doctors had given her, I know deep in my heart that Amara has been cheated. I know we are blessed that my mother is still with us. But I know she is not the mother...grandmother...woman she once was. The tumor has eaten away at a lot.

So I can feel your grief as I read your post. And if I could, I would put your hand in mine to tell you I'm here for you.


I am so sorry that you no longer have your Mom here with you. I can not imagine how hard that is at times, and I am sure that nothing I can say would make the pain go away, but know that I am reading & thinking of you ((hugs)) Momma!

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