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August 09, 2007


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I found a cute clip on youtube of Word World.

You should check it out:


I thought to myself that sounds like a show mine would like too. Then I saw Jess'comment/link, and I am convinved! We'll have to check it out (my kids love tv too)


I followed you from a comment you left on Amalah. And I just wanted to say hi from one Montgomery County girl to another.

Racy Red

Not convincing me momma...

We have three tv stations to choose from. The only time the telly come on for the kids is if they are watching a movie.

I do not want them growing up and watching today's television.

Lord knows, I'm a potato head enough for all of us.

Redneck mommy

Damn...that comment comes up from my perverted side...Racy Red...

I try to keep her tied up until I need her...

Wink, wink.

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