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August 30, 2007


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The best way to get back at people for doing something wrong related to driving is to post their tags and a description of their vehicle on Check out the website...sometimes I read it just for fun. A great way to let out your frustrations without incurring bodily harm :)


I wrote my post on this lack of courage thing a couple of days ago. Bleh. Still sick about it.

BUT, I wanted to comment on the littering thing. We were at a fast food restaurant when I was a young teen. The person in front of us threw something out the window. My dad put the car in park, walked up to the car in front of us, picked up the trash, handed it back to the guy and said, "here, you dropped something."

The guy looked at my dad like he was crazy, said, "thanks?" and drove away. He didn't throw it back out. :)

I'll always remember that one!

amygeekgrl (Crunchy Domestic Goddess)

i'm always the person grumbling in my car and getting pissed off, but never having the guts to say anything. good for lexus for saying something. glad that she didn't get hurt because of it.

i watched from my office window as some teen empty all of his trash out of his car into the street in front of my house once. wtf?

good blog topic. i will see if i can come up with something and will let you know. :)


Your post reminded me of a story from my ancient past. In high school, I was a founding member of the Environmental Club (motto: "this'll look great on our college applications!") and our big project was that we set up trash cans for recycling aluminum cans around the school. Not only did we install them, it was our job to empty them and take the cans to a recycling facility, which was a dirty, sticky job that I was thankfully spared because I was too young to drive. It was a lot of work.

One day, in a dim hallway in the basement of the building, I saw a girl toss a bunch of trash into the recycling bin. "Hey," I called sharply, "that's for aluminum cans, not trash." She swiveled and faced me down, and I realized that I had just made a HUGE mistake. I was small, skinny, geeky and alone. The girl I'd confronted was large and surrounded by equally large friends, and they weren't people I recognized from my AP classes, if you know what I mean. "Did you say something to me, white girl?" she yelled. I'm sure I went even whiter -- I was certain that any second now, I was going to get my ass kicked. The only choice I had was to try to talk my way out of it, so I told her about the club, about how we were in charge of these cans, about how other students and I were the ones who had to empty the cans and pick out any non-recyclable trash. And... it worked. Not only did I escape unbeaten, but she apologized and removed her trash from the can. And I did ultimately get a scholarship to the college of my choice, so happy ending.


Great story :) And YAY for Lexus lady!!

I'll be gone this weekend, but will try to think of a story to post when I am home...but I tend to be the avoid confrontation type too *sigh*


That's just awesome. I always say something to litterers on the subway. It makes me nuts. I mean, toss something on the tracks and it's there FOREVER. Unless it draws the rats to eat it. Either way, selfish and disgusting. Good for Lexus! (Hope it was the hybrid though)


Wow! You're right, many people wouldn't have the guts to do what Lexus did!

Thankfully, I haven't witnessed anyone littering at the drive thru. Everyone uses the drive by garbage cans I think!

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