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September 19, 2007


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I guess I am one of those listed (LOL) that had not hard anything about this. Sadly, I am not surprised. Angry? Yes. Surprised, No :(

I posted a link/post to yours because you covered it all so very well, but I wanted to spread the word on how ignorant people can still be. I want to do something, not sure what just yet, but I'll think it over & find ways to make it more acceptable.

I come from a place where it is accepted (not all that common, but accepted) so I am guessing that I will have to really work for this...but I WANT to, it is so worth it to ourselves & our babies!!


from the CNN story:

"The judge said the board offered Currier several special accommodations, including a separate testing room where she could express milk during the test or during break time, and the option to leave the test center to breast-feed during break times."

I don't see why she would have turned down a separate testing room... It seems to be a perfectly reasonable allowance that should have satisfied her needs.


Yes and no. A separate room is all well and good, but without additional time to tend to the pumping it doesn't really matter. When breastfeeding a baby that young you have to nurse or pump every 3 hours or so to maintain your supply and 45 minutes in breaks isn't enough to do that. If she is expressing milk DURING the test, as the clueless judge is suggesting, that takes her time and attention away from the test, possibly interfering with her ability to finish it on time, and therefore pass. Pumping successfully requires concentration and the ability to focus on your baby. Focusing on the test instead may impact the amount of milk she's able to pump.


Well said. The idea that some consider nursing to be a sexual act baffles me.

Alex Elliot

I formula feed, and I fully support breastfeeding! There seems to be a lot of judgment and confusion over the med student's accommodations. As someone else said, it's not enough time to pump. Also the extra time she's allowed because of her learning disabilities, something that I've seen a few posts on, are compensation for that. If she didn't need the extra time for test, she wouldn't have been granted it. She can't decide to use that time to pump nor should she even be asked to do that like some people are suggesting.

Jojo G.

First of all, I would just like to say Thank You! for expressing the concern of so many of us-breastfeeders. I'm a new mom and I have the greatest difficulty breastfeeding my daughter in public. People staring, even's supposed to be the most natural, beautiful thing yet I feel embarrassment and anxiety. Obviously I'm not gonna stay at home night and day because of the need for "privacy" and I'm certainly not going to make my child feed on an hourly schedule and then watch her cry hungry when in public if she doesn't cooperate (she's only a month old for God's sake). I'm from Mongolia and public breastfeeding there is not an uncommon sight. I couldn't be more surprised that a country as advanced as the United States could be so ignorant towards this. When I go to malls for example, besides a changing station, there are no chairs or areas where a mother can sit down and breastfeed. I've had to breastfeed my daughter in the bathroom where people are doing all sorts of stinky things. All I've gotta say is these things aren't gonna stop me from nourishing my child and neither should it anyone else.


This is awesome! I'm doing a college paper on public breastfeeding and the ridiculousness of the squeamishness of Americans, and I just want to say More Power to you! Thanks for the info! I'll be sure to look up and put the facebook and Bill Maher stint in my paper!

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