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September 10, 2007


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Just wanted to say, I'm so sorry to hear about your sunglasses! I have a similar issue with prescription sunglasses, and now that I'm certain mine have been lost (not stolen, though), I'm dreading trying to find a new pair. And paying for them. Ugh.

If you can figure out the financial aspect, I would like to encourage you to call or return to the optician/optometrist who gave you those glasses. They should have all the make/model/coatings information in a file. (I worked in an optometrist's office for a summer, and that was SOP.)

Best of luck!


UGH! This story just irritated dare the Mother be so careless? People just amaze me sometimes (and NOT in a good way)!


I too am without much-needed sunglasses right now, but it's my own fault. I sat on the sunglass clips that match my glasses. I went back to the glasses store to buy replacement clips only to be informed that they don't sell clips without the glasses, so to get sunglasses again, I'm going ot have to either buy prescription sunglasses or get a new frame/clips combo. Grumble. To be fair, the nice lady at the store went in the back and dug around in their random stuff basket looking for clips that might work. No such luck.

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