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September 29, 2007


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No good advice here, sorry :(

Just wanted to offer you some ((hugs)) I am glad that everyone is okay, it sounds like a scary day, and that forehead..ugh! I probably would have freaked too.

Redneck Mommy

Wow. That's sucky. For all involved.

Once, my daughter swung a stick and it sliced open my son's eyebrow...brilliantly too, I might add.

To teach her a lesson, we made her watch him get his stitches and forfeit her allowance for two weeks.

Watching her brother being sewn back together did the trick. Haven't had an incident like that since.


Glad no one was seriously injured.


I broke my sister's wrist once. But only because I was tickling her and she was thrashing around. I have also just remembered that she once hit me in the head with a bat as well. I'm amazed I didn't remember that when you told me about this...


((HUGS)) I hope they are feeling better today.

When DS#1 was little and first learning how to place baseball, I accidently hit him in the face with a baseball. I have never felt worse in my whole life.

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