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December 19, 2007


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Just don't get a used conversion van off ebay. Trust me on this.

Redneck Mommy

My friend has the Toyota and loves it.

Man, do I miss my minivan. We traded it in when the Bug was born because of all the traveling to and from the city (we couldn't keep us with the fuel costs) and bought a station wagon.

I'm still grieving. I mean, how can I EVER hope to look cool behind the wheel of a freaking shaggin' wagon?


I read but never comment -- just had to say, though, that we recently got a used Sienna after driving a Toyota Previa for 15 years and 260,000 miles. We've been very impressed with Toyota's reliability (had a Corolla wagon, too, which we passed on to a relative last year and is still going strong at 16 years old). My brother has an Odyssey and loves it, and I don't think there's that much difference between the two. In the end, we were able to get a better deal on the used Sienna, so we stuck with the brand that's served us well. We're happy with the Sienna so far. I'm on the shorter side -- but over 5 ft. -- and find the driver's seat pretty comfortable. The Previa seat would sometimes start to cut off my circulation on long drives. We've had the captain's chairs in the middle row in both vans -- better for maximum separation of siblings.


While you know I don't have a minivan, I am a big fan of Toyota. My '99 Camry is still going strong and my next car will likely be a Toyota...
PS Anyone describing any minivan as "agile" is smoking crack.


Ya know--I always said I would NEVER own a mini-van ... and then I got pregnant with our second child 11 months after our first child. Ever try to fit two Britax car seats in the back of a Honda Accord??? Eeks! They fit but you can't fit anything else back there. I am 30-and I own a mini-van-WOW I am still getting used to it.

We have a 2007 Odyssey LX in Cherry Pearl (read as Metallic Burgundy) and we are really happy with our purchase. Only thing besides wanting the entertainment system we could not afford-was having the center console in the second row that can double as a seat. We tried to add it while we were still at the dealership but we had already signed all the paperwork and it would have been over $300 to add it afterwards- just something to think about. Otherwise, having perused CR as well, my biggest concerns were safety, comfort, aesthetics and resale value-all in that order. We recently took a road trip with our 3 yo and 18 mo and it went great.

It is a really comfy ride--the gas is not horrible. The drivers seat has a couple of adjustment options, and it has a tilt/telescoping steering wheel to accommodate my 5'3" frame. I love that the rear seats fold down into the van floor and there are all sorts of storage spaces.

The only thing that bothers my husband--who does most of the driving on the weekends--is the electronic stability control--it kind of does a self-correct on sketchy road conditions. He said it does not feel like he is steering at times. I have never really noticed so maybe it is a guy thing. Sometimes the back doors are a little hard to open but nothing too annoying. I would definitely test drive them back to back unless you have done that already.

We have owned ours for over a year now and have no complaints. Good luck with your decision!


My dh drives an 08 town and country as part of his package at work. I LOVE it. Seriously - drive it and see how you like it - there are tons of amazing extras and I've been uber impressed.

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