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December 08, 2007


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Yeah, that kid's got a head like a cannonball. They've all gone for my nose at one time or another... though Trout and Little Man had a talent for ramming their heads up against the bottom of my jaw suddenly, far more often than they went for the nose. It's a wonder I have any teeth left. Or a tongue. :-)


I'm sitting here holding my scarf over my nose and wincing in sympathy. My little guy has gotten me in the nose several times, but never that badly.

Mom Tu-Tu

It always hurts to get hit in the nose!


Congrats on the best of Blog exchange!

And OW! on the nose...have you had it checked out? It very well could be broken :(

Redneck Mommy

My nose hurts just reading this post. I was 11 when I was kicked squarely in the face by a horse. My nose has never been the same. I hear you.

And congrats my friend on the blog exchange win!

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