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December 28, 2007


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I love the color. And a DVD player?? Lucky you (err...I mean, lucky kids) Just imagine how quiet road trips might be now :)

soccermom of 4

The last time we got a newer vehicle, we donated the "trade-in" minivan. Ours didn't have any mechanical trouble, just really old and really rusty, but started good in winter and ran good. They were thrilled to get it and had it sold in one day.

This place also takes in vehicles that need work because they use them as teaching tools for the other part of their program, which is teaching job skills, even if it would be just tearing apart the vehicle for scrap parts or maybe use those parts to "complete"/fix a different vehicle that had something else wrong with it.

It was win/win for us. The car dealership was only going to give us $100 for our old minivan. We can claim the $100 as a donation on our taxes this year, and they sold it for $500 to a family who really, really needed it but had limited funds.

Enjoy your new minivan. I love the color.


This is kind of weird. It was an unexpected and rather sizable monetary gift from my 91 yr old biological grandfather, whom I've never met in person, that allowed us to buy our new (used) van and not have a car payment. And it is most definitely due to his very smart investments! Congrats on your priddy new Sienna! I totally covet :)

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