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December 18, 2007


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i did the same thing to my daughter when she was about 3, only it was her foot. and then i couldn't get the door open. and i was dropping my other 2 kids at school so all the other parents saw it happen. and nobody came to help me open the door. when we finally got to the doctors office they took x-rays just in case, but they said that the bones are still very squishy at that age, and for another year or so, so really they weren't worried. if it had been me, or even my oldest kid(10y/o) it would have been worse. and they said they see this fairly often. don't kill yourself with guilt. my daughter doesn't even remember it anymore and it was just 2 yrs ago.


BWAHAHAHA... "I dream of giiiiirls. I looooove girls." I guess that settles *that*. Unless... he could mean he wants to design sassy outfits for them.

Sunny's been really lovey to me lately. This after at least a year of, "ewwww! yowa kisses awe ICKY! I don't like your kisses anymowah!" I'll take what I can get. Let's hope it lasts a while.


What a day! I am glad she is okay now, and you will be too. They have a way of laying on the guilt, don't they?

Yay for little Nemo, isn't fun to see them becoming little people? Love it :)

Loving giiiirls? Oh NO! Why does this have to happen? I want preschoolers FOREVER...


Isn't that the way it always is. The kids heal so quickly, but our hearts take much longer. Glad Sunny is ok.

And my son, who seems to be about Nemo's age, loves the dishwasher. Unfortunately, he loves to pull dirty dishes out again.


My heart broke a bit reading that! Poor girl, poor mama!

Dreaming of giiiiiiiiiirls? THAT is too funny! I love that he's so open with you! Good mama!

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