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January 01, 2008


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Thanks for coming by, GunFighter, and putting forth another of your great posts, especially when myself and so many of our fellow exchangers stayed up too late last night celebrating a bit too much.


Anytime, Fishy... sorry to put yours up a few hours late, but I was on the road shortly after you emailed me... We are home, now, and your poast is up!


Seriously, Dick Clark looked positively animatronic last night. Scary.


the first two are my favorite, but you hit a lot of them on the mark here. i have to admit to having never seen anything of high school musical, though. :)


I guess we need to watch HSM2!

I just sort of felt sorry for Dick last night.


right on with your villian (don't get me started...) and HSM2?? eerily compelling.... bright, shiny, musically ...

happy new year!

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