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January 17, 2008


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I can't believe how stupid this is, and I can't believe that the people at the FDA can't see the GLARINGLY OBVIOUS problem that I see... to whit, they're concerned about parents mis-dosing their kids with cold medicines, so to solve that problem they will forbid the manufacturers to PRINT DOSING INSTRUCTIONS for small children. Uh-huh. That makes so much sense.

Now, I haven't had nearly as much mothering experience as you have, but I've gotten my son to age 5 with health and a goodly number of brain cells intact. I have given him cold medicines since infancy, starting with "Little Colds" drops for babies, and we now use Triaminic. As far as I can tell, they DO work for him. Does it cure the cold? No. There is no cure for the common cold. Does it help him cough less, have a less runny nose, and sleep better? Yes. So why wouldn't I want to give him a dose of Triaminic before bed? Don't you think I'll still be tempted to, even if the FDA has said he's still a year too young for them? Can't you just imagine me GUESSING at the proper dose for a 40-lb. human, even if it's not listed on the box?

I think we're going to see a lot more cases of overdosed kids, as tired and sick parents just give 'em a little nip of NyQuil instead of reading the instructions on the back of a (now contraband) bottle of Dimetapp.


You know what? My HUSBAND still tries to use a household spoon. And he's the father of NINE.

Otherwise, I agree 1000000%.


Personally, there's very little I disagree with that takes as it's basis the idea that people are stupid. The reason being that, well, people are stupid.


We do not take/give many meds around here, but my husband probably would give it that way because IF he takes meds (which is seriously like next to never) he still uses the spoon.

THe good news? My kids have had so little of anything that if he ever tried to give them a SPOONFUL of anything, he would wear it all, for sure! And, he would never give anything (or even know what to give them, etc) without talking to me because the man still gets mad when he can not put together the correct sippy cup parts. Love him to death, but you can tell I do waaaayyy too much around here, LOL :)

All that being said, I agree with you, as well as what summer said. I worry about kids getting adult medicine now because the parents have no better choices...


One reason I love my kids' pediatrician is that he recognizes that I have some degree of common sense. When I asked him about all this furor and whether the meds were really not safe on the rare ocassion that I've used them, his response was that they, like everything else, were only dangerous if used to excess and gave me a list of dosing amounts for various meds and weights.


As usual, "they" are bowing to the lowest common denominator of stupid people who don't know how to read directions on the medicine bottles. So, the solution is to ban the stuff from the shelves, and those of us who actually do have the ability to read directions are without recourse. My suggestion would be just administer a short I.Q. quiz to each person who wants to buy some children's medicine and those who are too stupid to pass it, don't get it!!

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