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January 25, 2008


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Ouch! My dad used to joke that I was the klutziest athletic person he had ever met. But, I seem to have figured out how to use my body better now. But, I did climb up on the washer to look behind it for lost socks. Then forgot about the fact that there was a cabinet above me and whipped my head up in the the cabinet. I thought my husband was going to find me unconscious there.


Let's see, just after Christmas I tripped over a rock while running (third time this year) and fell. The only reason I wasn't more scraped up was that it was cold and I was wearing gloves, a long-sleeve shirt and tights.

Then there was the day that I got out of the shower, heard the phone ringing, wrapped a towel around myself and sprinted for the kitchen where the phone was. Unfortunately, I slipped, landed on the dog, and slammed my one good knee right into a very sharp corner.

Or the knee surgery I had because I slipped and fell in my parents' laundry room.

Gracefull, I am not. My husband, on the other hand, has "cat-like" grace and agility - his words, not mine. It's probably why he was such a good diver - springboard and platform, not SCUBA.


That picture is so 'Exhibit A'


OW! As soon as I saw the picture of the knife, I was biting my knuckle reading the rest...I just knew it would not end well.


Ow.Ow.Ow. I'm so sorry.

Is burning my knuckles, thumb and ring finger (in three separate incidents) on the toaster oven enough to get me membership?


I currently have a very nice 2" long bruise on my upper thigh, inflicted on myself while executing the daring maneuver known as "getting up from my chair at the dining room table."

And I LOVED the Magic Pan when I was a child. Loved it. It's even appeared in my dreams more than once. Who knows, I could have been sitting across the room with my mother and grandmother on that Pina Colada afternoon....

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