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January 11, 2008


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Well I am later than you I had no idea. I stayed off line yesterday. Wouldn't you know it. Anyways I'm not a lurker I am new, found your blog through typepad, you are featured today. Did you know that? Cheers!


I just finished the Stravinsky autobiography. It only goes up to the mid/late thirties (as far as I could tell) which leaves out a lot of time. Not sure what I'm going to read next. Maybe the Twain.


I'm here! I'm here! Some of my kids are uber needy and I'm not feeling like helping right now.


Howdy from Austin! For my 60th, I hope to be on a sunny beach somewhere enjoying the sound of the waves.


I missed the whole delurking thing too. And the button was so cute. Oh well. When I turn 60, hmm. . . I'm thinking cruise with Hubby, children and possibly their spouses, maybe a grandchild and all of my friends. And I want to wear a purple bathing suit and proudly walk around and show off my old lady body.

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