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January 07, 2008


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Aren't people at stores horrible sometimes? But then there are the kind ones. When my oldest was two, and my middle one was a baby, I was at the store with both of them. The baby was in the snugli and the toddler was in the cart, and I was trying to unload the groceries onto the conveyor belt when the toddler had an absolute meltdown and started trying to fling herself out of the cart. The woman in line behind me put her hand on my arm and said, "Here dear, let me unload everything for you while you take care of your little girl." I literally started weeping from gratitude.

Now I try to help other moms whenever I can - passing along the kindness.


UGH! Days like this just suck, BUT then it's all good when a little one throws a little something sweet in to make you smile :)

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