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February 18, 2008


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I am SO sorry. Of all childhood ailments, the only one I dread is the stomach bug. I can't handle cleaning up vomit. The younger two both had a bout with the stomach bug a few weeks ago, and it was awful. Hang in there.


icky. Sorry to hear it. Did you get any sleep?


NOOOOOOOO....I would not wish this upon anyone, it is HORRIBLE! I just hope that you are getting some breaks between the bouts of yuck (aka kids taking lots of naps) that was the ONLY thing that saved me. Hope it goes away as quick as it came on ((hugs))

Redneck Mommy

That is so sucky.

Once Frac got the stomach flu and projectile vomited down an entire flight of stairs and all over his bedding.

He didn't miss one. single. step. It took me almost an hour to get the stairs clean before I could even tackle his laundry.

I feel your pain.

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