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March 24, 2008


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I feel EXACTLY the same about the magic of childhood, I wish it could last much longer than it does *sigh*

Scout's Honor

Wow! You have way more patience than I do for sure. This coming from someone who hasn't talked to her in-laws in almost 4 years. I'm glad she didn't totally ruin it. My kids still belive in Santa and the Easter Bunny pirate. yep, pirate. hehehe. Nope, not Catholic. Gotta love the magic.


I'm a firm believer that mother in law's need to keep their opinions to themselves.


Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. And an Easter Bunny, too, for that matter. It's the love in our hearts, and I'm glad you and your little one had a nice talk about it.


Oh no! I was really worried for a while there. I have a crazy MIL as well and I woulda had to rip her A$$ to shreds if she told my son anything wasn't real. AH!

Glad all is well with the Easter Bunny ;)

Redneck Mommy

I'd be really annoyed that if the MIL had stolen that fantasy from your kids.

I'm glad it worked out. And I'm glad to know the Easter bunny will visit me too, even though I'm not Catholic. LOL.


I'd be livid at my MIL. And she'd know it immediately in no uncertain terms.

Keeping in rage, is not a strong suit of mine.

No Easter Bunny has visited us yet (even though we are Catholic, LOL!). I'm waiting till Sasha's old enough to know what's going on. As for the crowds, I went to sunrise service early.

One of the few benefits of a 4am waker.

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