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April 07, 2008


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(said with a straight face): How do you know there's animated porn?


Congrats on the new blogging gig. I'd love to be asked to do something like that!


YAY for the new blog, I'll have to go check it out :)

Oh yeah, and cartoon network is BAD at night, it is off limits here too! I'd be mad as heck!


I left a comment yesterday and it never showed up. Weird.

Thank you for the kind words. welcome to DCMM.


"Any ideas how I can get my husband to admit/understand that just because my way and his way of doing something are different doesn't mean that either way is better, just that they're different? And that just because I am not an engineer and don't think like one doesn't mean there is something wrong with me? Because really, I'm ready for the 2X4 upside the head method, and somehow I think that might have a few criminal consequences. "

Oh my word! I have found a kindred spirit! I am here because of you post on Carmen's blog and could have written this myself. Oh the joys of being married ot an engineer!

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