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May 05, 2008


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And I thought I was having a week. Hang in there.


So sorry things have been so tough for you. Hang in there!


What a week!
I hope that things start looking up for you. I also hope that whatever is bothering Little Man can be helped easily and without too much trouble for your family. I know it is heartbreaking to see one of your kids feeling down, it drags you down too...and obviously you are dealing with that and so much more. *sigh*
((BIG hugs)) to you all!!


Wow, I've had weeks like that. Different, but LIKE that. joints are the same. I would have made a great ballerina or gymnast, but thankfully I didn't go that route, or I'd be incapacitated. One or more of my tendons seems to always be whacked at any given time...right now it is BOTH of my elbows.

Hope next week is better.


The important thing is that he's on the antibiotics just in case. Much better to treat now, than to find out later he did have it.

As for Little Man, if you ever need any suggestions, let me know off-blogging - behavior management is basically what I do and went to schoo/am going to school for. (Yup, there is a degree for it).

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