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May 08, 2008


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Is it too late to get your money back? j/k. Kid lies to get out of homework. In other news, dog bites man. ;-)


I think you handled it well. The consequences were immediate and suitably severe.

I discovered last week that my girls had been "washing" their hair with water. Their shampoo had run out, so they filled the bottle with water and kept acting like everything was fine. Brandon and I had discuss with them lies of ommission. Then they got to go straight to bed without stories or even any play time. And now I stand guard while they scrub.


UGH! I can't stand lying either.
Thankfully, so far, the oldest two are like me & they can not tell a lie (without a strange look/smile thing coming across their faces), but Zander will keep a straight face and tell stories and defend them to no end. Man, I hope it grows out of that. Anyway, I think you handled it very well. I am sure she will remember that conversation with her friend for a looooong time!


I would have about lost my mind. I love your approach. I probably would have yelled and screamed and been completely ineffective.

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