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June 22, 2008


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can I change my vote to hot pink with bruise-blood purple polka dots? and canary yellow trim?


Stainless steel fridges look great, but I've heard/read that they show every little fingerprint and smudge. So, with kids around, I'd go with black to reduce cleaning requirements. I hear they have "smudgeless" stainless now, but you are leaving this fridge behind, so I'm not sure I'd pay the extra for someone else! Here's a link with lots of discussion on the same topic:


Definitely go with black. We had a silver finish on ours that looked like stainless (but wasn't, so maybe I'm wrong??), and it was so hard to keep clean. The smudge factor was a pain. It just wasn't worth it.


Go with black. You can't stick magnets - and little kid art - to stainless. We have friends who found this out the hard way.


As much as I love stainless, if I was selling my house I would go cheapest thing possible. You are selling it, you don't have to live with it.


Black.. Black. BLACK.


i'd go cheap, therefore black. you can't use magnets on the stainless and it gets all scratched and fingerprinty. if you husband is deadset for the stainless get the black and get some stainless steel contact paper for 20 bucks. :)


I vote for the black. Stainless is just too much work to take care of with all the kids running around.


New and either black or stainless is going to be a hit with buyers. And, because of the dishwasher, I'd go black so everything matches.
Not to mention it's cheaper. Would allow you to spend the $150 somewhere else too.


But... will magnets stick to hot pink with bruise-blood purple polka dots? With canary yellow trim?


I've heard not so great things about stainless too...but never had it myself, so can't be sure. Black would be my choice too.


Hi- We have a stainless and it's always covered with hand prints and smudges. Another big downside is that it it not magnetic, so if you want to hand the kids' artwork you need to use tape instead of magnets. Good luck finishing your kitcher - either choice will look great!

Karen R

I really like the stainless. We recently bought a stainless refrigerator with the patina finish. It doesn't show fingerprints as badly as the regular finish. It really dressed up our 23 year old kitchen. I now use a bulletin board for the kid's drawings.

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