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October 19, 2008


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hehehe :)
And I finally found our difference - you're older than me! LMAO :)


Hi Mary, we recently met at BlogHer in Washington, DC. I was born in 1970, too, and despite having can't miss 'em grey hairs all over my head, I still get carded and get the double-take like its a fake ID (weight maybe, but not age). Good for you! Now, if they'll only stop calling me ma'am.


WHen I was 8 months' pregnant with baby #3, I got carded at the grocery store while trying to buy a case of beer for a party we were having. Apparently the clerk was more concerned about selling beer to an underaged person than she was to a pregnant one.


Haha! Cute story. Great compliment! You do look young ;)

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