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October 17, 2008


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Now if the MSM and corporate America would actually tune in to this. Sigh.

Alex Elliot

Well said! I am a feminist also and I have chosen to be a SAHM. To me, feminism is about choices. Your post reminds me of a post I meant to do at BlogHer Boston where this woman was pretty rude to me during the speed dating.




And, Ms. political blogger, it would have been great if you let other people talk at your panel. Just saying. Because some of us mommy bloggers also write about politics.


geez what a rude pickle she was!!

i totally agree that us mothers have more at stake politically if anything- so many of the really tough choices revolve around laws that affect our children and our parenting directly.

i like your blog :)


yay you linked to me!

and the only word i can think of for that woman is 'snob'. whatever happened to the kindergarten rule, 'treat others the way you want to be treated'?

Lisa Dalton

Right on! It's the same thing we deal with as stay at home moms (depending on who you are talking to of course). Let us not forget to give kudos to the blogger who was cool. Good for her.

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