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November 14, 2008


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My only secret (vis-a-vis getting him to sleep in the crib) is that I'm not mommy or daddy. He only makes a fuss because he'd rather be with you guys. If you guys aren't there, and he's tired enough, he'll go down. :-)


Despite my initial resolve to not do it, I moved Ella into our bed when she was 5 weeks old because it was the only way I could get her to sleep for more than 45 minutes at a time. We tried to have Lily in bed with us, but she wasn't interested - she liked her own space. Campbell was such a good sleeper that we never felt the need to have him in our bed, and so far Teeny E is doing just fine in her cradle. I consider us lucky that we've had such an easy time, aside from Ella, with kids and sleeping.

It's funny how each kid is so different.


This is tough...
the only HELPFUL ADVICE that I can offer (since we have 1 and he loves his own room)
is: it takes 4 days to break a habit- only 4 days (officially)...
the other thing: you may want to just start talking about how cool it is to have 'your own room', 'you and your sister's own room' etc. and make them start thinking that 'big boys' do this- you see where I'm going?

GOOD LUCK :) I DO know about 'doing whatever you can' to get a child to sleep :)
xo :)

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