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December 31, 2008


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I usually stay up late to wrap presents, too. But this year I just couldn't. I locked myself in my room Christmas Eve morning and threatened death to any child who came in.

Yours looks like a happy, festive crew.

Happy new year!


looks like a lovely x-mas!

Happy new year!


Thanks for the birthday wishes - Happy New Year to you all. Great Christmas photos...


OMGoodness, I love the pics!

I think I squealed in excitment to see your kiddos :) I called hubby over and told him the whole "you know that blog friend I talk about? The one with the kids our kids' ages...." We enjoyed seeing the boy/girl versions & he even pointed out that you two littlest have lighter hair like ours too - wow!


And that little locker-ish looking thing? I NEED one - where did you get it?


...and I have stuff to add to the mess: the Toy's R Us run was a success.

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