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December 10, 2008


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This sounds like me too (surprised?)...

I am only 4' 11" (and 3/4" to be exact *LOL* so I just say 5'0") ANYWAY, I have scoliosis & opted not to have surgery as a teen. I do often wonder if I would be any taller if I had done the surgery and had a straight spine.

But, would I do it now? No way!

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

Okay, I know you in real life and you don't seem short enough to require surgery. You seemed perfectly normal to me.

Then again, you may have been standing next to Devra.

Alex Elliot

That surgery sounds like it's a big deal with a big recovery time. I know from the time I was 12 that I wanted to have a breast reduction surgery. As soon as I was 19 I did it. My parents insisted that I have one year of college before I made the decision. I've never regretted. I think any type of surgery like that is just very personal.


I really like that quote at the end. I need to remember that one.

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