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January 17, 2009


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THank you. I needed to read just such a post this morning. I'm still working to accept my new reality, and it's tough going.


Put A BIG Red Star on your Calander... You have just found a momentious day.. When you reach a realization like you just have, it is a special landmark in your life so, remember it. Many never get there.


Amazing, amazing post. I'm a little surprised b/c you always seems so put together and in control when I see you.

It's so hard to let go isn't it?


Amazing - I love it. Congrats to you for accepting, I am still trying...I am getting there. This post just reminds me that I need to try a little harder :)


Oh Mary girl... this really spoke to me on several fronts. I had no idea you were going through such an evolution right now. I am so proud of you for accepting and taking on the challenge. I know you can do it -- you are an AMAZING mother --- and a great friend (thank you for welcoming me, and sharing with me so much - you have made my first year of transition much easier). I'm so happy for you that this acceptance has allowed you to enjoy each moment more.
Me? I'm trying to let the dirty dishes sit for a few more minutes so I can enjoy a few more minutes of those special smiles and moments.


Hi, this is my first visit to your blog. Nice post!



I have lurked on your blog for a while and even commented a time or two.

I have been struggling with the same things lately and having a really hard time with lots of issues in my life.

I have a 28 month old, a 16 month old and am 4 1/2 months along with #3...all planned. I hate housework and my house is a disaster. I feel I'm doing a great job as a mom, but am a total failure at housework and sometimes at being a wife.

Thanks so much for this post. I have to start working on acceptance myself.


I really enjoyed reading this one...

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