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January 26, 2009


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lolololol...I love this story. It needs topublished or written into a movie or something! Glad you and BDF are having fun, though. Even parents need to let loose now and then!


OMG.I just don't know what to say, other than, I am so proud that you took pictures of that fish tank ordeal, you know, otherwise, I never would have believed you.
Here is why I love you: You laughed! You took pics! You appear to have been calm.
Me? This would drive me to scotch. And Xanax.
But you know, seriously, the fact that you and BDF are so close right now, that's awesome for kids to see -- happy parents make really well adjusted kids.


Thanks for the smile today!

If you ever figure out what the magic is for your "midlife crisis", please share, We could use some reconnection around here.


Um wow, I just have no words.

But glad you and your husband are going though whatever it is together.


I am sorry that I am laughing, but I also feel your pain. I keep telling the kids that "I do not want to be a Momma today" - of course they laugh at it - but they have no idea that SOME days there is a little truth to my request. This weekend we tried to convince our oldest two to be the Mommy & Daddy for the day...but a poopy diaper made them scream NOOOOOOO!


I knew this would be a good blog post, but the pics make it truly great!


Forgive me for laughing so hard!


God bless you!

What an ordeal! ... But don't give up date-nights altogether :)

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