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February 11, 2009


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He's a treat :-)


Awww, I miss that phase. Not enough to ever repeat it ever again, but I miss that phase. My boy has yet to drop the "hate" word. *sigh* He goes to time out now for using the word. Methinks he's gonna be like his daddy and cuss like a sailor when he's older, and can get away with it.



That's too cute. Campbell's vocabulary has exploded lately, allaying my fears of some sort of delay to be concerned about.

His new favorite phrase is "Wong way! Wong way!" He likes to use it when we're in the grocery store and I turn down another aisle instead of heading for the door.


Awww... I love it :)

This stage IS so fun, those little sweet times *almost* make up for all of the tantrums & "i hates"

Oh yeah, mine used this word AT me already too - I still can't believe it...

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