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February 23, 2009


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So glad you had such a rejuvenating weekend!


I'm stuck on staying up all night. All I ever want to do is sleep.


SO jealous of your get-away & so happy that things are going well "the operation" thus far. Here's to another good night of sleep and an un-eventful bedtime :)

Goddess in Progress

That sounds wonderful! I really need to schedule a weekend away with my husband one of these days... the reconnection sounds like it's just what we need.


Oh, I LOVE Berkley Springs. That's where we spent our mini-honeymoon (we only took a few days because I didn't want to miss my cousin's wedding which was a week after mine, though we did take a big honeymoon trip to Italy a month later.) We went back at least once a year after that, and every time we made sure to eat at Tari's. Tari's has an awesome bar, too... but you probably already know that.

Man. Now I want some pasta with crab meat, a hot springs soak and a massage.


I'll keep that place in mind. I am really glad to hear you had a nice time. OMG... ALL THAT SLEEP!?!?! (also, wink wink)

Pamela Hansen

Sorry if this is weird, but I came across your post when I was looking for info on the Bathkeeper's Cottage -- you've convinced us! We're going there next week to flee our three little ones (and think about having a fourth!). Just thinking at this point -- any advice? Part of me doesn't want to give up our current lives of increasing sanity (the youngest just turned 2, oldest just turned 6) and start again; another part figures that once you've lost this much of your mind, a little more won't make a difference!

Thanks for the cottage pics!

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