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March 21, 2009


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I'd say they decided they wanted multi-colored Nilla wafers for breakfast, but since they couldn't reach the food coloring, they got out paints. Which got spilled on the floor and Nemo tromped through them.

To find the culprit, check for green feet.


Looks like the set of CSI: Leprechaun. On tonight's episode, Paddy the Leprechaun runs afoul of the Pot 'O Gold Mafia and gets whacked, but by who? Dolly O'Doll ain't talkin', she's on a 'Nilla Wafers and chocolate milk bender. And where's the lil' green body? Stay tooned! :)


A bit more information: all four ended up in the bath.


kids melted crayons with a candle, and are doubly in trouble for playing with fire and for making a mess!


Was there a dog-shaped leprechaun involved?


Nope, we only have fishies here in The Pond.


Looks like they had a bingo blotter fight.


The children formed a wicca circle and created an Earth Golem out of green playdoh. Then they chased him around the kitchen with a squirt gun until he got overheated and exploded.


You were in bed, sound asleep when Sunny heard a noise. She came down the stairs (do you have stairs?) and saw a Unicorn sitting at the table eating cereal. Stunned, she asked the unicorn what it was doing.

'Eating cereal? Care to join me?'

She obliged, pouring herself a bowlful. As she sat down, she accidentally knocked the crayon box over.

'Bugger' she said, bending down to pick them up.
'Leave the green ones out' said the Unicorn 'I like green.'
'Okay' she replied.
Not wanting to pick up the entire box of crayons she asked the Unicorn about other crayon colour preferances.
'What about these orange ones?'
'No, I don't like orange.'
'Red? Blue? Purple?'
'No, I like green!'

Sunny suddenly realised that her cereal was getting soggy and left the rest of the crayons on the floor. The Unicorn looked down disapprovingly.

'We'll trip!' It said.
'No we won't. Just be careful when you get down from the table'.

Soon enough, they finished their cereal. Unfortunately, the Unicorn forgot about the crayons and slipped and fell as it got out of the chair. Legs and hooves flailing, it struggled to right itself.

'Help!' it cried.

Sunny tried to help, but the Unicorn was flailing so badly she was scared for her shins.

Now a little known fact is that when Unicorns get stressed, their mane starts to spark, which can set things alight. So, with sparks flying everywhere, the Unicorn continued to flail.

This set of an unfortunate series of events. First, the crayons got stuck to it's mane. Then, the Unicorn managed to get it's legs underneath itself. However, the sparks and the crayons did little to ease it's stress and it ran around the table with steadily melting green crayons dripping everywhere.

Sunny tried to schwack the Unicorn on the head with her doll to stop it's frantic behaviour, but that didn't work. She then tried the broom, but that didn't work either. She had to think quick. She opened the kitchen cabinet and as the Unicorn ran past she pushed it sideways. With a THUNK the Unicorn landed in the cabinet (it wasn't a very big unicorn) and Sunny slammed the door and ran away.

And THAT is why you have green wax and mess all over your dining room. If you look in your cabinet you will find a slightly melted embarassed Unicorn waiting to be let out. You might want to bath it first though.


Hehe, first visit to your blog and I enjoyed writing that! Hi!


well, you know, there's been a lot of stomache flu going around this area...I think maybe you should all be Quarantined!

Erica C.

A small person woke up early and wanted to make cookie cereal for breakfast, using Nilla Wafers and milk. Then they remembered about leprechauns and all their mischief so they decided to color their cereal milk green using green food coloring. Ooops! Got a bunch of that on the floor. Never fear! My doll will help me clean it up. What's that dolly? You're sad? You're sick? You need some vitamins? Here dolly. Eat these pink and yellow vitamins. Too big? I'll smoosh them up for you on the floor with one of my toys. Uh-oh. Now there's a big mess on the floor. I'd better go get the broom and clean it up. (Little person walks through the green food coloring and tracks it all over the floor). Dolly wants to help me sweep up so I'll get a little plastic box to to set her in. Wow, this sock is wet. I'd better take it off. Dolly's tired? Ok, time to go night-night up here on the kitchen table. The End.


food coloring gone wrong!

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