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April 27, 2009


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I think you should write about zombies. Oh, wait, that's what *I'm* supposed to be doing...


I just did a bullet point post because my brain is so fried from being gone this weekend. Bullet point posts save me from myself. LOL! I also keep a list of post ideas on the wall in front of my desk, in case all thinking comes to a standstill. Does it work? last post for Rocky Mountain Moms was because I was sure I was about to get kicked off too! LOL! Ebb and flow, m'dear. The mojo will return.


Sounds like you've been doing far more important things than blogging.

I'm not posting because, while I have lots of posts buzzing around my brain, I just can't muster the energy required to type them.

The big, bad D word is stalking me.


What makes you laugh out loud?

Musings from me

What's your law school plan? Soon or when kids are older. I took grad classes last year. Thought it was what I wanted to do but have since reconsidered. Now must rethink my "what will I do when I grow up?"

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