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May 07, 2009


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Fat Guy

I'm with you on Caillou and Max & Ruby. Although, Max does need to learn a thing or two about "not touching". Caillou's theme song is good though. I love how his parents are so incredibly even tempered. I'll ask my son "what would happen if you did {that}" Answer: "you would spank my butt" - darn tootin'

My faves are The Fairly OddParents (LOVE that Jay Leno does the voice over for The Crimson Chin, and Adam West is "Cat man"), and Phineaus and Ferb. I loved Jimmy Neutron but my kids suddenly stopped wanting to watch it over freaking Hanna Montana and/or iCarly.

Sexy dreams, I can't remember her name, but there was a gal that used to do PBS kids sprout, that was a serious hotty. She got fired for doing a joke PSA about anal sex.


I loathe Calliou and Dragon Tales. And everyone except Sportacus on LazyTown. Diego and Dora are banned, and i wish I could ban Hey Gabba Gabba, but the kids love it, for some reason. I didn't even know Barney was still on. Ick.

We're big fans of Backyardigans and Spongebob. Campbell calls him YellowBoy, which cracks me up.

And I want to know where Max and Ruby's parents are? Do they really stay home by themselves all day with only the bunny scout leader and the grandmother dropping by?


Great post! Love the topic. My husband and I often joke that Caillou's parents must be on mega-doses of anti-depressants because his ridiculous whining never gets to them.

And, like the commenter above, I have often wondered about the non-existent parental supervision arrangements for Max and Ruby, as well as Dragon Tales's Max and Emme ... what, no one notices you've vanished to Dragonland for hours on end?

However, I think the most "smackable" character I've encountered thus far is Noddy. My daughter went through a brief Noddy obsession at age two, and his stubborn idiocy, along with the silly guidance of Officer Plod and Big Ears, was a bit hard to take!! (Anyone remember the Noddy Builds a Rocket episode? Sorry, guess I've seen it too many times.)


Yo Gabba Gabba

And Ruby and Max make me want to call CPS. Where are the rabbits parents?

Fat Guy

The Noddy episode where the bear steals a train is the most annoying to me. Noddy's singing was always a severe irritant.

Remember, ladies, there's a question about sexual dreams too, so out with the details! ;-D


This is so funny! I'm totally with you. The problem with Max is that my son starts on the whole repeating the one word as a demand/suggestion/whatever. UGH! My cartoon crush is Handy Manny. We also love Phineas and Ferb and Backyardigans.


Wonder Pets! How on earth did I forget about that damn duck? Duck a l'orange for dinner, methinks. Oy.

Behave yourself fat guy. No one HAS to reveal if they don't feel comfortable. Only if they want to get it off their chest.

Janna U

My niece watches "Max & Wooby" and Ruby is so freakin' annoying. She also watches Little Bear, which is pretty tolerable. I've caught an episode or two of Backyardigans with her. She seems to enjoy it - I just think it is super weird. What is that purple girl character - a baby dinosaur?!


I'm odd bird out because I love Wonder Pets and Yo Gabba Gabba. Because of the music aspect of it.

But Noddy can take his stupid little car for a long ride off a short pier. Ick.

So far I've staved off Barney in this house. I'm hoping it lasts.


Totally with ya on the Caillou thing... ugh!

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

We always had a strict "No Oobi" policy in my house and I only let them watch Barney as a last ditch effort at bribery.

I don't like Ruby OR Max, and don't even get me stared on Caillou.

Musings from me

I agree with you on all, but I would add Yo Gabba Gabba. Call me crazy but I just don't "get" that show. I could tolerate Teltubbies, but could not stand Boobah and the horrendous Mrs. Lady and the creepy uncle/big brother.

My older kids watched Arthur on PBS -- it would drive me mad that Arthur and friends had so much freedom to walk anywhere in the town.

I love Berenstain Bears as well, even if Papa is frequently the one blamed for everything.


I've actually written a post about -

'Where are max and Ruby's parents? No wonder Ruby is so bossy-
she's raising Max by herself !!!!!!!

Susan @ 2kop

Loathed Barney, and Caillou (that kid's just weird; even his name is weird), and the tubbie things. I kind of liked Arthur, though, and Blues Clues (with Steve; the other guy was creepy). We still sing "We just figured out Blues Clues".

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