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August 12, 2009


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Rock City Paper Craft


You've given birth, you'll live!

That's any easy one to mark off your list. Promise.


I Really want a tattoo. Maybe we can do that together.


I have a tattoo, and I love it. It's a dolphin on the inside of my left ankle. I got it in grad school.

Now I need to make my own list, but I'm not sure I can come up with 40. I have 11 months to go. Sigh.


Tattoos really don't hurt that much, especially if you chose a spot that is not directly over a bone. If your tattoo goes onto a spot that's padded with some flesh (that means muscle, too!) it's no worse than being pinched.

Just do your research first and go to a good artist. There are a lot of mediocre tattoo artists out there, so it's worth the time and extra expense to make sure that your permanent decoration isn't crappy-looking.

29 more things to go, huh? Have you completely eaten your way around the world in DC-area restaurants? That's a fun one. I quite often find myself daydreaming about the Ethiopian food at Etete and Burmese at Mandalay....


I have 5 tatoos, so I am thinking they must not hurt so bad :) Love the list, I'll have to do one of these too - it feels much better than a bucket list!


I have a good guy that comes once a year and does my carpets-
and I think he's reasonable-

if you want his name and number - email me :)

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