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February 22, 2010


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Uncle Orca

no one handles the bear. The bear is a metaphor for something, like on Sopranos.


I can't believe you got close enough to put a towel over it, let alone take a picture. Nothing squicks me out faster than rodents. I've got the willies all the way down here in Texas.

We had a rat problem in our old house. They carried pecans (we had three HUGE pecan trees in our yard) into the attic, and I swear they were playing soccer up there at night. It took weeks to get them all trapped and all the hole blocked off. Every time the pest guy thought he had everything sealed off, another rat would find a way in.


Janna U

So glad Minnow's trap did the trick. I wouldn't have been able to dispose of it either. It probably would have lived in the cage on chicken nuggets for the rest of its life. I cried last night when I saw a policeman have to shoot a deer that had been hit by a car :-/ The right thing, but still so sad.


Finally it worked! I was wondering why I hadn't heard anything from you.

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