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June 10, 2010


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Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings

Yeah, that's a fee...I agree. They could have put it in a lot nicer way for sure. I guess they don't teach tact in college anymore.

SciFi Dad

The way they did it was not cool.

However, (and this is just playing devil's advocate) if they gave the opt-out choice and/or the choice to buy your own materials, wouldn't one or more of the following situations applied:

1. Parents opt out completely, leaving their child with nothing to do while class does this task.

2. Parents opt to buy their own supplies, and end up with inferior and/or inappropriate ones for the task at hand.

3. Parents opt to buy their own and cannot afford to do so, leaving their kids in the same group as #1.

I suspect (and I may be completely wrong) that if you don't pay, you're still getting the quilt. The $6 will likely come out of either the teacher's pocket or the school's petty cash if they do that.

Like I said, the letter sucked. But, I can understand why they went about it that way.

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